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Recruitment Insights: Your Top Attorney Questions Answered Here
Is it wise for me to consider transitioning to a different firm?2024-03-18T20:48:54+00:00

Answering this question can be complex, but the search consultants at Palmer Kent Associates are available to help you navigate it. Several factors need to be assessed before reaching a conclusion: Will transitioning to a new firm platform enable me to sustain or expand my practice? Will my current clients transition with me to the new firm? Does the culture of the new firm align well with me and my practice? How will this transition benefit me in both the short and long term?

What level of metrics do I need to be considered marketable?2024-03-18T20:49:20+00:00

While the specifics can vary based on geographic location, most law firms that engage recruiters typically look for a minimum portable book of $750,000 and above. Billable hour requirements and billing rates can vary greatly depending on the market and practice area.

Why work with a recruiter?2024-03-18T20:49:49+00:00

While you’re focused on practicing law, we’re immersed in the dynamic lateral legal market. Our days are spent engaging with law firm leadership, discussing their strategic growth plans. Armed with this real-time information, we can offer insights into the latest trends and developments in lateral hiring and provide expert guidance in finding the ideal platform for you and your practice. With direct relationships with law firms, we can streamline the lateral hiring process, ensuring a swift and efficient experience. Moving to a new firm can be time-consuming, especially when you’re balancing a full-time workload. We’re here to simplify the process for you and our law firm clients.

When you receive a call from a Palmer Kent Associates Recruiter, is it about a specific opportunity?2024-03-18T20:50:53+00:00

Absolutely! Allow us to elaborate. As Attorney Recruiters, we regularly engage with senior management (Firm Chairs, Managing Partners, Executive Committee Members, Hiring Partners, etc.) of the world’s most esteemed law firms. These conversations delve into intricate details about the firm and strategic areas where they aim to expand. This could include specific practice areas, particular offices, or both. The discussions range from precise needs like, “We require a partner or group with a strong Antitrust practice focusing on mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, intellectual property, and transactional antitrust, with portables of at least $2 million per lawyer” to broader requests such as, “We seek Partners who are not only accomplished professionals but also great team players, with strong portables and a practice area that aligns with our firm.”

A conversation with one of our recruiters is a brief investment of time, at your convenience. It typically involves you sharing information about your law practice, allowing us to assess potential fits with our client’s wish lists. In return, we share information about the opportunities we’re currently handling. It’s straightforward. We aim to understand you and your practice better, ultimately helping your career thrive.

Shouldn’t I just send my resume to a friend who is a partner at another firm where they are happy?2024-03-18T20:52:49+00:00

While seeking advice from a friend can be helpful, it’s important to remember that what works for one person may not be the best approach for another. Your friend may prioritize different aspects of their professional life than you do. Additionally, they may be part of a different department or practice area within their firm. Our role is to ensure that you are matched with a firm that aligns with your values and professional goals, providing you with the best possible fit for your career.

How are negotiations with a potential law firm employer managed?2024-03-18T20:57:19+00:00

While candidates are always welcome to handle negotiations directly with the law firm, we believe that your Palmer Kent Associates search consultant should handle or play a significant role in the negotiations.
There are several reasons for this:

  • Emotions and misunderstandings can be minimized when an intermediary is involved, reducing the likelihood of negotiations breaking down.

  • Allowing us to handle negotiations means you can join the new firm without the stress of intense negotiations with prospective partners.

Negotiating is a core part of what we do every day, and our team has decades of combined experience in legal recruiting. We have successfully placed candidates in firms ranging from small regional practices to major international firms with numerous offices worldwide. It is this experience that enables us to complete successful and mutually beneficial placements.

How soon do law firms typically make decisions regarding lateral partners?2024-03-18T21:00:38+00:00

Decisions can vary widely, with some firms making choices within a few weeks, while others may conduct multiple rounds of interviews over several months. Our primary objective is to find the ideal fit for you, rather than focusing solely on speed. However, in most instances, both the firm and your interests are best served by a timely process. Therefore, we strive to keep the recruiting process moving forward smoothly and efficiently.

Is accepting a counteroffer from my firm ever in my best interest?2024-03-18T21:01:43+00:00

In almost all cases, the answer is no. Statistics show that candidates who accept a counteroffer often leave within a year. Accepting a counter-offer can lead to feelings of betrayal from colleagues, as they may perceive your consideration of leaving as disloyalty. Your standing within the firm may also be compromised, leading to a lack of trust. Additionally, a counteroffer may be a temporary solution for the firm to find a replacement for your role. Ultimately, the underlying reasons for considering a move will likely persist, making it unlikely that accepting a counteroffer will lead to long-term satisfaction.

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