Absolutely! Allow us to elaborate. As Attorney Recruiters, we regularly engage with senior management (Firm Chairs, Managing Partners, Executive Committee Members, Hiring Partners, etc.) of the world’s most esteemed law firms. These conversations delve into intricate details about the firm and strategic areas where they aim to expand. This could include specific practice areas, particular offices, or both. The discussions range from precise needs like, “We require a partner or group with a strong Antitrust practice focusing on mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, intellectual property, and transactional antitrust, with portables of at least $2 million per lawyer” to broader requests such as, “We seek Partners who are not only accomplished professionals but also great team players, with strong portables and a practice area that aligns with our firm.”

A conversation with one of our recruiters is a brief investment of time, at your convenience. It typically involves you sharing information about your law practice, allowing us to assess potential fits with our client’s wish lists. In return, we share information about the opportunities we’re currently handling. It’s straightforward. We aim to understand you and your practice better, ultimately helping your career thrive.