At Palmer Kent Associates It’s People First

At Palmer Kent Associates It’s People First

At Palmer Kent Associates, our commitment is to prioritize people above all else. We’re dedicated to transforming the landscape of legal recruitment by bridging the gap between outstanding legal talent and leading organizations. Our goal is not just to identify and place skilled legal professionals but to match individuals who possess a unique blend of emotional intelligence, business acumen, and legal expertise. We firmly believe that the right people are not merely employees; they are pivotal assets who drive the success and integrity of the legal teams they join.

Central to our approach is the belief in enriching legal teams with leaders who inspire and innovate. We specialize in placing distinguished Partners, Associates, General Counsel, and legal support staff, ensuring that each placement contributes to the strategic vision and ethical standards of the organizations we serve. Our focus extends beyond mere qualifications; we seek individuals who align with the culture and values of our clients, fostering an environment of mutual growth and long-term success.

Palmer Kent Associates is at the forefront of cultivating inclusive workplaces that mirror the richness of our global community. Our mission is to continually establish new standards in legal recruitment, fostering environments where talent thrives, and legal solutions flourish.

Deep Rooted Values
Integrity-First Culture

  • Integrity in Recruitment:
    We uphold the highest ethical standards in our recruitment processes, ensuring transparency and fairness in every interaction.
  • Excellence in Service:
    Our commitment to excellence drives us to consistently deliver superior recruitment services, exceeding client expectations.

  • Dedication to Inclusive Workspaces:
    We are strong advocates for fostering authentic and inclusive workspaces, as we recognize their crucial role in enriching workplaces and improving decision-making processes.
  • Tailored Talent Solutions:
    We provide customized recruitment solutions, meticulously aligning candidate skills and personalities with organizational culture and values.

  • Long-term Client Partnerships:
    Building lasting relationships with our clients is paramount, focusing on long-term success and mutual growth.

Meet Our Team

Meet the dynamic leaders steering Palmer Kent Associates to excellence. Our leadership team combines decades of legal expertise, unwavering commitment to client success, and innovative strategic vision.

Each member brings unique skills, fostering a collaborative environment that propels our firm forward. As advocates for both our clients and the legal profession, our leadership team is dedicated to achieving exceptional results.

Get to know the faces driving our firm’s success, shaping its culture, and ensuring the highest standards of legal service.


Andrew Becker

Legal Recruiter

Moshe Fessel, ESQ.

Legal Recruiter

Amy Hall, ESQ.

Legal Recruiter

Gabi Hayman-Caterino

Firm Administrator

Doug Horn, ESQ.

Co-Managing Director

Doris Horn


Michelle Kimmel

Director of Legal Staffing

Alyssa Lerner, ESQ.

Co-Managing Director

David Manolakos

Legal Recruiter

Deborah Spector, ESQ.

Legal Recruiter

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